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The perfect solution for lazy people.

We are pretty sure we can unanimously agree that one of the most taxing tasks to do after a shower is drying our hair. Lazy or not, ladies with especially thick locks spend at least an hour blow-drying, let alone styling them.

While there are great options out there to tame our mane at different price points, none of them offers a solution to our tired arms.

That's why we invented the BlowHair® dryer

An innovative Hair Dryer

With a vertical structure, this innovative hairdryer is perfect for people who either want to relax or multitask while drying their hair.

Designed with dual air outlets, it also supports uniform and rapid drying as the double airflow targets both the front and back of your head.

Realize the idea of ​​freeing hands

With over 17 levels of height adjustments and 180-degree angle rotation, the hairdryer gives you great control and flexibility to style your hair.

Additionally, the millions of negative ions it emits help to combat frizziness, leaving your hair softer and healthier after each use.

It also comes with a magnetic wireless remote control, which can be conveniently stored on the hair dryer stand and used to adjust the temperature and speed of the wind.

Ultra-fast hair drying

Our BlowHair dryer gives shine and reduces frizz in 20% less time than most dryers and makes your hair silkier and healthier at a lower temperature.

Dry your hair in minutes!

1 - 3 Minutes For Short Hair
3 - 5 Minutes For Medium Lenght Hair
5 - 8 Minutes For Long Hair